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Our working process

We are entirely customer order-orientated which implies that each customer and project is unique and require certain demands. Our ability to ask the right questions and provide total solutions, has given our customers several reasons to choose FTB before other partners.

Our modern workshop has a number of 3-5 axled machines run by processes made in our own CAD/CAM construction systems – solid modelling. In these systems the complete tool will be available in 3D, which makes our work much easier.

After having created the virtual tool we also make virtual machine tool paths by computer. This way we can provide an effective and efficient
production flow with ultimate quality for you.

Due to our demanding working processes we have invested in a top modern IT-structure. This means that our staff have a high and broad level of competence in this area.

Our computerprograms
We provide professional support to our customers and accept most file formats used by designers.

  • Solid Works
  • CAM Works
  • Mastercam
  • Hi-Mill
  • RTM